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It's July! Did we finally get that sun and few days of warmer weather after a lengthy wet and cool Spring? Hmm... anyway, here are some minor tidbits just for you:  



  • We finally went on a holiday!! And where there was actually some heat - and I guess we brought it back with us in addition to getting at least small dose of vitamin D. We did of course manage to also come back with a clearer mind and fresh ideas for new products and life direction. Yay for the small things in life.

  • HOT SAUCES and MUSTARDS - are now on the shelf at Pages Resort at Silva Bay Gabriola - if you are visiting our lovely island, please be sure and stop by at Pages to pick some up, and get a great local product to take with ou on your travels.

  • FRESH GARLIC SCAPES - we just harvested all 2500 of them upon our return (!). Bundles of 18 scapes (1 bag) are available for $5, or larger quantity for $6 / lb.  FRESH RED RUSSIAN GARLIC will be harvested the weekend of August civic holiday, will cure for a bit, then ready for sale around mid-August.

  • You will slowly start to see changes in our labelling - we are refreshing some things, in addition to adding nutrition labels and barcodes. We value transparency, so we want to ensure that you know exactly what goes into our product.

  • Assorted bedding plants and 1 gal. are still for sale - some tomatoes, herbs, sunflowers - we are taking stock of our inventory as we speak, and whatever we have will be on the next Silva Bay Farmers market table

  • A few Website updates: 1. We have added subscription options to some of our products - starting with our tea blends. If you have favourites that you have ordered in the past, consider subscribing to a regular shipment of your favourite tea at a modest discount. Just click the Subscription option when you pick your tea and go from there. 2. You can also buy eGift Cards through our site. Just click on Gift Cards and following the prompts.

  • Our sister site - Sea-to-Sky Apothecary will be up and running by around November 2022. An abundance of new energy, new platform, and new growth in the creativity department and we can't wait to share it all with you

  • Farmers Market season is now underway, and we will still continue to sell most products, including some any produce in season on Localline (Gabriola Agri Coop). If you are local to Gabriola go to https://www.localline.ca/gabriolafarmersmarket and sign up (for free) as a customer, peruse the weekly catalogs, and get your order delivered straight to you. Easy peasy.  You can also order directly off the website here, and if you are local to the Island, just click the FREE PICKUP option at your checkout.

We will continuously post updates on this homepage. In the meantime, feel free to browse the About Us, the Blog and Store pages for related Farm Products. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too.

Here's to good growth and health / ASF

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