Fun uses for Fruit Syrups

We get a lot of questions around our products at markets and online, and figured we should write a little something about that. The top question we get is around our Fruit Syrup combinations.

Here is some fun ideas on what you can do Fruit Syrups:

Spoon it onto:

- pancakes or waffles (of course!)

- sno-cones (thank you to a customer who tried this)

- ice cream

- flavoured or carbonated water to make a refreshing drink

- cocktails or mocktails

- baking (if the recipe calls for maple syrup for example, you can substitute a fruit syrup)

- meatballs, ham, chicken, spareribs

- tofu or stirfries

- fresh fruit or compote

- oatmeal or chia bowl

If you have a great creative idea for our fruit syrups, drop us a line and let us know. We are always open to new ideas and combinations too.

Sneak peak - Apple and Cardamom syrup is coming in a week ! So stay tuned.



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