First Post

Just a quick little post to say Hello! finally. While we have been on basic social media for a while, lots of life stuff just gets in the way of finally sitting down and writing a blog post. But here we are.

If you are reading this, it means we also got our website off the ground too. Notice that pun? Off the 'ground'? Farm? Ground? Okay okay that's not a good one - but cut us some slack - isolation here for the last 6 weeks makes the head spin sometimes. Anyway, we promise there will be some very interesting posts from here on in - all on farming, herbs, food sustaining and lots more. There are a lot of topics that we have a heck of a lot of opinions on, and a bunch of knowledge and training around herbs and food. We love that sort of thing. Herbalism and food are basic passions and there's nothing we love better than to talk about it.

So stay tuned ! Today is very sunny day here on Gabriola Island. And we are off to plant some carrots and check on our tomatoes and peppers.

Until next post, with more exciting content


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